Our work

BESIX 3D is committed to deliver each project at the highest quality standards. Any default in one of the printed elements that cannot be corrected will implicate the re-fabrication of the element until a satisfying result and quality are achieved. We test each product and maintain the 3D concrete printing machinery. We ensure quality control from print to assembly of all the items we produce.

BESIX 3D House

BESIX 3D Headquarters Façade

The façade of the new Dubai headquarters is one of BESIX 3D’s first and pioneering projects of 2020. It is the largest 3D concrete printed façade in the world.

The façade consist of 290 panels, each one printed in 3D concrete in their adjacent lab. On average, each panel took about 10 minutes to be printed.

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BESIX 3D House

3D printed pavilion ‘DECIDUOUS’

‘DECIDUOUS’ is the name of a 3D printed pavilion sculpture, with concrete elements fully printed by BESIX 3D.

The sculpture was commissioned by the Dubai International Financial Center (DIFC) and designed by MEAN* (Middle East Architecture Network).

In line with BESIX 3D’s purpose, the pavilion is made exclusively of sustainable materials. This includes birch, 3D-printed concrete and 3D-printed recycled plastic. Thanks to innovative technologies, the creators were able to push the boundaries of these materials, creating a hybrid blend of both printed concrete and plastic polymer.

‘DECIDUOUS’ refers to trees that seasonally shed leaves. The pavilion was on display in Dubai’s financial district as part of the DIFC Art Nights, which showcased works from around the world in Dubai’s financial centre in November 2019. Passers-by were invited to question our relationship with nature while walking through an abstracted botanical form.

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BESIX 3D House

Outdoor Urban Furniture and Sculptures

The Outdoor Urban Furniture and Sculptures consist of benches in 3 sizes, sculptural columns and sculptural art.

The elements were developed for Aldar Properties PJSC (‘Aldar’) in Februray 2020. The goal was to take use of the 3D printing design capabilities to create challenging designs.

True to their one-stop-shop approach, BESIX 3D tackled this project again in its entirety to guarantee successful results. The team designed the elements, developed the engineering processes and installed the pieces on site.

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