Bringing concrete to a new dimension.

BESIX 3D is passionate about bringing concrete to a new dimension. In the past, the construction industry has famously been cautious in embracing new technology. Today, the sector is evolving faster than ever. And rightly so, we are faced with a number of challenges.

Welcome to Construction 4.0

The challenges in construction today are vast, especially when it comes to the world’s most used building material. The main issues with concrete are its labor-intensive requirements, non-sustainability, high costs and limited customisation. At BESIX 3D we want to solve these issues by offering a sustainable solution and we believe technology is the key to do so. After all, it’s in our group’s DNA to innovate.

3D concrete printing is one of the main drivers behind the transformation of the construction industry through digitalisation, known as Construction 4.0.

Other innovations that drive this wave of renewal are parametric design, modular construction, automation, drones, etc.

We participate in a number of research programs in the field of 3D concrete printing to continue to develop our expertise.

Our BESIX 3D concrete printing studio

In July 2018, BESIX invested in the development of its own in-house production facility for 3D Concrete Printing: the BESIX 3D studio. It was founded in Al Quoz, Dubai, in the heart of today’s most innovative cities in construction.

The 3D studio serves both as an innovation hub for our partners and clients, and as a production line with enough capacity to support construction projects.

The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment directly procured from Germany. The main piece is the KUKA robotic arm, set up in the middle of the production hall to optimise its printing capacity. Another specialised device is the concrete mixing pump, connected to a silo for direct and uninterrupted supply of 3D mortar.

Our team is colouring the greyest material on the planet

The driving force behind BESIX 3D is a multidisciplinary team of engineers with various backgrounds. Their compatibility and combined expertise make for a solid, all-round team to provide a strong end-to-end customer service.

Luai Kurdi : Design, BIM Engineer, 3D Software specialist, Robotics operator

Benoit Meulewaeter: Design expert

Michael Eeckhout: Operational excellence, Operational advisory

Paul Vanderhaeghen: Logistics, Workshop, Plant department, MEP

Jean-Philippe Patesson: Managerial expertise

We love to share our expertise

BESIX 3D is an agile new player on the market. Yet, we are proud to say that we have already started to define and sculpt the future of the 3D construction printing industry. We are leaders in what we do and love to share our expertise.

Keynote speakers at:

  • Digital Advancement Academies, Dubai
  • International Concrete Technology Forum, Dubai
  • ENGIE innovation week, Dubai
  • Emirates Green Building Council, Dubai
  • 2nd Construction Technology Forum, Dubai

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