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BESIX 3D is an innovative division within BESIX Group that specialises in 3D concrete printing.

We deliver fully-integrated concrete solutions for construction projects all over the world.

To stay on top of the latest developments in the industry, we’ve set up a BESIX 3D studio. It’s a state-of-the-art printing facility in one of the world’s most innovative cities, Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates.

Our BESIX 3D team is both agile and experienced. On the one hand, we can rely on world-renowned experience in complex engineering from BESIX Group, an established multidisciplinary construction group. On the other, our team operates highly flexible with a specific know-how in 3D printing technology. This unique mix enables us to master the art of creating mass-customised concrete components and offer an end-to-end customer experience.

Compared to traditional construction methods, printing concrete in 3D guarantees a shorter construction time, a safer working environment, higher freedom in shape, zero waste and zero CO2 emissions.

Mass customisation

Let’s get free from the boring!

One of the greatest advantages of 3D concrete printing is mass customisation. Thanks to our optimisation software, we’re able to produce customised units on a large scale. No matter how complex the shapes or how high in number, the technology we use at BESIX 3D allows us to deliver concrete solutions without increasing the production time or cost. You lay out the constraints of your design, we create the best suited geometry for it. Our printing is only limited by your imagination.

One-stop shop

From blueprint to 3D print!

Although newly established, BESIX 3D can rely on decades of experience in civil engineering, and construction as a whole. Our one-stop-shop approach is a perfect example of this. We are the only ones in the business of 3D concrete printing that have the expertise to guide clients from start to finish: from the design, to the printing, to the implementation of the element. Together with you, we strive to develop the best solution to make your project a success. In short, even when our 3D printer is switched off, our team is always switched on.

Cost & speed

A perfect batch!

Compared to traditional construction methods, 3D concrete printing is faster and more cost effective. Since every element is printed and transported to the site, there are little to no on-site costs. Moreover, the assembly on site takes very little time depending on the structure, so construction sites remain clean and quiet. Overall, 3D concrete printing is therefore an easier and faster way to construct buildings and infrastructure.


More 3D prints, less of that other footprint!

3D Concrete printing is not just fast and cheap, it also produces limited waste, noise pollution and CO2 emissions. Every step in the construction process is used entirely to output the final product. No material goes to waste. In short, BESIX 3D fits perfectly into BESIX Group’s purpose to “Excel in creating sustainable solutions for a better world”.

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